Our Musicians and Concertmaster

Our community orchestra sometimes needs help in our various sections. Please email us if interested and we’ll let you know if we have an opening. Note your playing background and instrument. Also list your phone number so we have another way to contact you. Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights from 7:15 – 9:30 p.m. See the “BSO Member Info” webpage for more details.

We are looking for one or two more double bass players to augment that section. We also need more regular percussionists. Please contact us if interested.

Current Members

* denotes principal player
+ denotes board member
~ denotes Webmaster

October 2023 Update

1st Violins

Sarah Delevoryas** *
Megan Gilby
April Broome
Jim Roecker
Margaret Bohn
Marta Day
Nancy Larson
Seth Hinkley
Skylah Sillman

2nd Violin

Marva Siewald*
Marcia Hyatt
Carly Compesi
Ray Flores-Boyd
Jocelyn Schilling
Amy Gray
Sarah Strand
Jake Hanson


Elsa Johnson*
Marci Ryan
Ann Cardwell
Danielle Halperin
Karen Keehn+
Rachel Harper~


Owen Emlen*~
Shakira Johnson+
Chris Parchmann
Jonathan West
Denise Schoengold+
Marge Larsen
Kelli Turner
Vicki Bryan
Steve Oncley

Double Bass

Dusty Munger*
Mitsuko Klein
Salvador Marmolejo


Carol Codrescu*
Laura Bolinger+

Oboe / English Horn

Holly Clifford*
Chris Brady
Kathy Balog


Laura Wiarda*
Georgia Hastie


Linda Pott*
Eric Bergstrom+

French Horn

Karen Larsen*
Jan Tafoya
Sarah Feitler
Catherine Nelson


Kevin Larsen*
Dale Larsen
Jordyn Glasscock
Mark Miller


Warren Brown*
Corey Hahn
Johannes Plambeck


Roger Clapp*


Frank Rabbio*
Kedar Naik
Alex Kim
Sandra Van Dam
Patti Kingsmill+


Laura Bolinger

Sarah Delevoryas, Concertmaster

Broomfield Symphony Concertmaster Sarah Delevoryas is a violinist with over 30 years of experience as a teacher and orchestral performer. She currently teaches music at Stargate Elementary School in Thornton. She was a member of the Boulder Philharmonic for 25 years. She has been Concertmaster of the Broomfield Symphony since 2015.

Other orchestral experience includes Concertmaster of the Flatirons Symphony in Boulder and Livermore Symphony (CA), as well as Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Fremont Symphony, Monterey Symphony, Santa Cruz Symphony and Reno Philharmonic. She holds a music degree from the University of CA, Santa Cruz.

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